Terminales Canarios S.L. has adopted as fundamental principle and policy for all its activities, a tough commitment in terms of environmental protection, occupational health and safety in order to minimize and limiting any adverse effect in people or physical environment

  • Management commitment
  • Prevention
  • Adoption, enforcement and continuous updating of working procedures and safety protocols
  • Employees: Responsibility, awareness and training
  • Ongoing goals related to continous improvement of sustainability and resources consumption reduction
  • Incorporation of technology to processes and activities
  • Dissemination and communication of HSSE Policy
  • Collaboration and empowerment of HSSE Comittee
  • They are the basement on which rests this commitment to achieve continuous improvement of the objectives set annually.

Terminales Canarios has implemented for all its activities, HSSE Management Systems which exceed regulatory requirements and are certified respectively by the following standards:

ISO 45001
ISO 14001