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Legal Information

Legal information


Identification of Terminales Canarios, S.L.


Terminales Canarios, S.L. is a mercantile entity whose social object is, among others, the reception, storage, distribution and supply of fuels and lubricants destined to the market of aviation, maritime, industrial and automobile in the field of the Canary Islands.


In compliance with the duty of information contained in article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of services of the information society and of the electronic commerce, the data here consigned correspond to the titular entity of this Web


  • Company Name: Terminales Canarios, S.L.
  • CIF: B38318572
  • Address: Carretera de San Andrés N º 15, 38180, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain
  • Phone: 922 597 412
  • Fax: 922 596 862
  • Registration: registro Mercantil de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SHEET TF-5087, inscription 1 of folio 167, Tomo 901H.
  • Administrative authorisation:


Industrial Property

All the rights of Industrial and intellectual property of all the elements contained in this WEB, including the trademarks, formats, graphic designs and images that form the template of this web, belong to the developers of the same one.


In the same way, the images, documents, texts, as well as other files that the owner of this web can include to configure this page to the activity that it plays belong to Terminales Canarios, S.L.


In both cases, they are protected by the Spanish and international laws on intellectual and Industrial property. It is expressly forbidden the total or partial reproduction of this Web site and of any of its contents without the express and written permission of the aforementioned owners. Access to the website does not imply any kind of waiver, transmission, license or transfer of such rights on the part thereof, unless expressly established otherwise.


Terms of Use


The access to this WEB site implies the acceptance of these conditions of use without reservations that regulate the access and the use of the same one in order to make available to the users information about our services. It expressly prohibits the use of the contents of this website for use for commercial purposes or for distribution, transformation or communication.


Terminales Canarios, S.L. will not be liable for any consequences, damages or damages that may derive from such use or use of the information.


Both access to this website and the use that can be made of the information contained in it is the sole responsibility of the person who performs it. The user is obliged not to use the information published on this website for illicit or harmful purposes or effects, not to damage or disable the information and not to perform any other action that may be contrary to the content of this Legal information.


Likewise, the owner of this website cannot guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in the access to this WEB site, although it will put his greater efforts to avoid them.


Data protection policy


In compliance with current legislation on data protection (RGPD) and its Development regulations (law 3/2018 on data protection and digital rights guarantees), it is informed that the personal data provided by You by means of the web, as well as sent to our company by any other means, will be incorporated to files for the data processing, whose responsible is terminatesthem Canaries, S.L., from now on ,ular of this website, under the following denominations and purposes:


  • Curricula: management of applications for jobs that candidates make to the office.


  • Fingerprint: A file containing the biometric data of the users in order to manage the face control of workers in and out.


  • Video surveillance security: video surveillance of the work centers of the company for the security of the facilities and parking, labor control.


  • Check-in: Control of visitors to the company's facilities by means of the entrance and exit logs.


  • Photographs: file containing the photographs of the workers for the realization of their identification card, as well as for the inclusion in the charts exhibited in each work center.


  • Social benefit: realization of the management of the social benefits of the workers of the company, as well as their beneficiaries.


  • Tachograph: Control of the recording of speed, kilometres, driving time and rest of the tachographs installed in the company's cargo vehicles.


  • Remote process Management: control of the processes of loading and unloading of fuel and lubricants, as well as annexed activities, Labour Control.


In no event shall Use the personal data of the interested parties for purposes other than those mentioned above, and we undertake to keep the due professional secrecy and to establish the technical and organisational measures necessary to safeguard the information according to the requirements established by the regulations for the development of the current regulations on data protection. reminds users that the personal data that we provide must be adequate, pertinent and not excessive in relation to the scope and the specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they have been obtained, therefore, Refrain from including unnecessary data. They shall be deleted when they are no longer necessary or relevant to that purpose, or when requested by the holder in the exercise of their right of suppression.


Exercise of rights (access, rectification, suppression, limitation, portability, and opposition)


Given any incidence that has regarding the treatment that Terminales Canarios, S.L., is carrying out on its personal data, it can exercise its rights legally established according to the current regulations in matter of protection of Data, by writing, accompanied by a copy of the official document that identifies you, directed to Terminales Canarios, S.L.-Ctra San Andrés, n º 15, 38180 S/C de Tenerife. E Mail: resources. Human@tcanarios. com in the event of not having obtained satisfaction in exercising its rights, it may lodge a claim with the supervisory authority.You can contact the Spanish agency of data protection through the web


User and password management


The management of users and passwords online of the clients of Terminales Canarios, S.L.access to this website is done by means of theWeb Service Providerwith whom the holder of the same holds a contractual relationship that covers the requirements established in the law3/2018, data protectionand digital rights guarantees.


Users and passwords are also assigned by a client code that does not reflect user data.


Sending commercial communications and advertising


We inform you that our company currently does not make any kind of direct commercial communication or sending advertising to clients or potential clients


Our company does not acquire third-party databases for the submission of information. Sending e-mails or phone calls asking for information and/or budgets about our services will not result in the inclusion of your data on our advertising distribution list.


Video surveillance and remote Process management


It is reported that the company has installed video surveillance systems in the different areas and work center of the same, whose purpose and treatment is the security of the facilities, control of processes and labor control in accordance with the provisions of the Article 20.3 of the Workers ' Statute. Your personal image data will be added to the files VIDEO surveillance security and remote management of processes, owned by Terminales Canarios, S.L., being the recipient of these images the company of Security of our entity and, if requested, the bodies and security forces of the state.


Sending resumes


Our internal policy on the reception of curricula establishes that they be collected through our email address or in hand at our establishment.


We inform you that the data of the curriculum that you have sent to us will be used, with the purpose of managing your participation in the selection processes of the personnel of Terminales Canarios, S.L. In no case shall we use them for any other purpose, keeping them under the necessary security measures as laid down in the current European legislation on data protection, and other concordant legislation. The legitimation to carry out the treatment of your data will be based on your express consent. The collection of your curricular data is compulsory in order to participate in the personnel selection process. Your data will not be transferred to other third parties unless there is a legal obligation. International data transfers will not be carried out.


In case of not being selected in this process of personnel selection, we will maintain your personal data for 2 years, in order to be able to use them in future selection processes. For this reason, we kindly ask you to inform us in a timely manner if there is any modification.


We also remind you that the data provided must be adequate, pertinent and limited to what is necessary for the selection of personnel, so refrain from including unnecessary information to your curriculum.


Child protection Policy does not perform data processing for children under 14 years of age. If data are sent by a minor, will remove them as soon as they are detected. We also remind seniors who are under the age of their charge, who will be of their sole responsibility if a minor incorporates their data tosend a form through the web.


Data hosting and third parties with data access


This web site is hosted on a server located in the European Union. The only purpose is the hosting of our website, having the modality to host, therefore, the management company will not have access to your personal data.


Likewise, our emails, as well as backup copies in the cloud, are managed by companies located within the European Union territory, as well as their hosting servers.


With all the collaborators and external professionals that access to personal data of our company and clients, we have formalized contract of access to data on account of third according to the established in the current legislation in matter of data protection of Character Personal.


Customer and potential customer contact details


We inform you that, in the event that you provide contact details when you ask us for information or to request any service, your electronic contact details will be treated in accordance with the current European regulations regarding data protection and Other concordant rules, in conjunction with Law 34/2002 of 11 July, on information society and electronic Commerce Services, for the purpose of sending information, responding to queries, and generic contacts. We will keep your contact details for as long as you maintain your business relationship with us, or until such time as you revoke your consent to use them. The legitimation for the processing of your email data is based on your express consent, which you have stated by providing us with your e-mail address. No assignments will be made of your contact details, except legal obligation. International data transfers will not be carried out.




In accordance with current legislation on data protection, is informed and expressly consented, that your personal data provideds to swere used for The purpose of Manage billing in order to comply with our fuel and lubricants supplyservices. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the obligation to issue invoices for the delivery of goods and services, collected in Law 58/2003, December 17, General tax. Your data will be in our database in the ACCOUNTING and tributary file and in paper during the time that it maintains relationship with our company and since its completion, during the years of prescription Legally established in accounting and tax matters.On your data will be able to access our external consultants, in order to carry out the management of tax and accounting consultancy. This communication is necessary for the accomplishment of our services. Your data will not be transferred to other third parties unless there is a legal obligation.


Website (Pictures and photographs)


On our website we will have space to link news, articles or other relevant information for our clients and followers. Photographs and/or videos may be included in which identifiable persons appear in events carried out by T. Canaries or in which we participate in other places.


However, in the event that the interested party wishes to withdraw his consent for such publications, he may contact us to proceed with the withdrawal of his images and/or videos from our website.


Links to other websites


The links you can find on this website are a service to the users. These pages are not operated or controlled by the owner of this website, therefore, Terminales Canarios, SL is not responsible for the contents of these websites or are covered by this Legal information. If you access these websites you should keep in mind that your privacy policies, legal notice and cookies may be different from ours.


Cookie Policy


The lender may use cookies when a user navigates the website. Cookies are a type of file or device that is downloaded to a user's terminal computer in order to store data that can be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for its installation. Itsmain functions are to take control of users, or get information about browsing habits.


The cookies used by the Web site are associated only with an anonymous user and his computer, and do not provide for themselves the user's personal data.


By using cookies it is possible that the server where the Web is, recognize the Web browser used by the user in order to make browsing easier, allowing, for example, access to users who have registered Previously, access to the areas, services or electronic commerce reserved exclusively to them without having to register at each visit. They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, control the progress and number of entries.


Depending on the duration that remains stored in the client's browser, it is distinguished between session cookies or persistent cookies.


There is another classification with five types of cookies according to the purpose for which the data obtained are treated, are the technical cookies, personalization cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and advertising cookies Behavioral.


Finally, according to the entity that manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and treats the data that is obtained, there are the own cookies and Third party Cookies.


Types of cookies We use according to the duration


  • Session Cookies: They are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a Web page. They are usually used to store information that is only interested in preserving for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion (e.g. a list of products purchased).


  • Persistent Cookies: are a type of cookies in which the data are still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated for a period defined by the cookie manager. (e.g. recall user preferences for a particular website, allowing use of the same in future browsing sessions, such as language selection, menu preferences, etc.).


Types of cookies We use according to their purpose


- Technical Cookies: These are those that allow the user to navigate through a Web page, platform or application and the use of the different options or services that exist in it. (e.g. identifying the session, accessing parts of restricted access, remembering the elements that make up an order, making the application for registration or participation in an event, among others).


Types of cookies that we use according to the entity that manages them


- Own Cookies: These are those that are sent to the user's terminal computer from a computer or domain managed by the editor and from which the service requested by the user is provided. (e.g. the identification of the user session on a Web page)


- Third Party cookies: These are those that are sent to the terminal computer of the user from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that treats the data obtained through the cookies. (e.g. The Advertiser of a banner that is on a Web page, the box of followers of a social network on a Web page, among others)


Thewww.tcanarios.comCookie ratio is collected in the following table:







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At the end of the session

AddThis is a technology company that allows Web sites and their users to easily share content with others, through exchange icons and social bookmarking destinations. AddThis cookies are used in order to enable content to be shared. AddThis is also used to gather information about how content is shared on the Web site.


Persistent, 13 months


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Persistent, 1 year

You can know the privacy policies of the external managers used in this web in the following links

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In case you navigate with Chrome, please note that Google-Managed Technical channel IDcookies,used in the Chrome browser to communicate with the navigation server , can be installed.

Please note that if there are links and banners on our website, these pages are not operated or controlled by the owner of this website, therefore, we are not responsible for the contents of these websites or are covered by this policy Tica. If you access these websites you should keep in mind that your privacy policies may be different from ours. Please note that the social network cookies you can find may vary for reasons other than our company.


However, users who do not want to receive cookies, want to delete them or want to be informed before they are stored on their computer, can disable or remove these cookies by configuring their Internet browser to be notified of the reception of Cookies and to prevent your installation on your computer.


Next, we provide you with several links in which you may consult all that pertaining to the administration of cookies, including their elimination or total or partial non-acceptance, in some of the most common browsers:



Modification of the present conditions and duration


The owner of this website may modify at any time the conditions here determined, being duly published as shown here, by his own criteria or motivated by the modification of legislation or guidelines of the Spanish Agency of Data protection. The validity of the above conditions shall apply until modified by others duly published.


Legislation and jurisdiction


The legislation applicable to the content of the WeB site will be the Spanish and the jurisdiction, corresponding to the competent courts and tribunals in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.